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Creating your distribution network

Our specialists put all their expertise to use in order to work with you on the creation of your distribution network so that it is fully suited to your needs.

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Once an entrepreneur has opened their first establishment, taken up the challenge of starting or taking over a business, they might want and/or have the opportunity to repeat their success in one or more further establishments. 

The question of which model is most suitable then arises. 

There are numerous ways to grow a business: franchising, trademark licensing, concessions, commission, affiliation…

Or a hybrid development system can be chosen, which borrows elements from several of these models.

Whatever the case, the choice of development model should be carefully considered, taking account of the particular features of the business and the concept that one wishes to reproduce.

If a development might take place opportunistically, it is better to take time beforehand to consider things.

While bearing in mind that “development for development’s sake” should not be an end in itself, insofar as any development involves a business carrying out investment and taking on board further risks.

It is preferable to favour development decisions that have been fully thought through over mere opportunities, having weighed up the pros and cons beforehand, in full knowledge of what one can and what one wishes to provide to the partner, while at the same time setting out what one expects to achieve alone. It is also worthwhile anticipating certain basic questions such as those relating to supplies to establishments, kitchen and serving training for staff, choice of interior designers, etc.

How can Linkea work with you to create your distribution network?

Linkea can help you develop through the following steps:

1. Start with the right roadmap

Choice of system: license, franchise, partnership, commission-based affiliation, concession…

We hold a half day session where these systems are studied to see how their respective requirements fit with what you wish to achieve.

2. Protect your rights

Check the preliminaries: we will help you check that your intellectual property rights are protected (recommending, if needs be, the involvement of an intellectual property advisor).

3. Get maximum legal compliance

 Pre-contractual information: we have developed a tool for gathering the factual elements that the pre-contractual information document must contain and we will help you set it all out.

4. Make sure “the” contract is “your” contract 

Contract(s): we set out with a blank page and we hold half or full day  meetings to bring together collective consideration of the essential subjects to enable you to make decisions suited to your project and/or objectives. We then take care of the design and drafting of your contracts (reservation, supplies…) with a view to creating tools that are specifically tailored to your network.   

5. Your success comes from team training

Training: you can’t drive a car without a licence; you can’t become a franchisor without training.

6. Bring out the best in yourself

Know-how manual

We will not write your manual: it’s your know-how. However, we will show you what it should contain from a legal point of view, we will design the outline of your manual together and will proofread it too.

7. Selection not recruitment

Selection process

Undoubtedly the most difficult and trickiest as well as the most consequent part of being a franchisor. We have solutions.

8. Avoiding disputes

Creating tools

We have the same goal: avoiding disputes. Our dispute avoidance policy involves in particular strengthening the quality of the profile of your franchisees.

9. Our assistance 

Assistance at the outset: we will be by your side to help you with drafting the brochure, signing the initial contracts, etc.

What about established networks?  

Linkea with its partners’ years of experience in setting up distribution networks, dispute avoidance and litigation, offers you a 360° assessment; a check-up for your network in several stages.

  1. A physical meeting to enable us to understand your concept and how it operates, and to get to know you better. (Following this meeting, we will leave it up to you whether to go ahead, free of charge).
  2. Gathering together your contract, a pre-contractual information document and the full selection and recruitment file of your last partner: their candidature letter and their training assessment.
  3. We analyse the documents you have provided and give you two reports:

A written report with suggestions or queries, in the form of an assessment,

An oral report on the whole of your “network team” to enable all concerned (developers, coordinators, IT & admin staff, etc.) to discuss and take the greatest advantage from the work carried out.

4. Furthermore, at the end of this mission, we will offer to incorporate the changes that you have decided on, by amending your contractual documents (pre-contractual information document, contracts, etc.)

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