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Law firm specializing in franchising and franchisors

Specializing in distribution and franchise networks, Linkea law firm was created for the purpose of helping specifically with “network head” issues.

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From the creation of a network to its development, while avoiding litigation and carrying out training along the way, our expert distribution lawyers (franchises, trademark licensing, concessions, etc.) work with brands of all sizes – in their national as much as their international dealings with a purposely ultra-specialized slant.

Linkea’s lawyers will provide you with their experience and expertise of the niche field of distribution networks, and they will not venture into areas of law in which they do not specialise.

Linkea aims to be a firm that mirrors its clients: working within a commercial environment where brand names are legion, developing their very particular know-how, and always careful to listen to your needs.

We are not “contract sellers”.

Our goal is not to constrain but to work with you and fit with your way of thinking as we believe we bring “added value” that goes beyond simply drafting.

We offer a pragmatic approach…

… by your side, focused on your area of business: we have a true interest in your core business,

… and also a focus on “network heads”: to steer you in the right direction so that you become a skilled network head.

Linkea works with a broad range of clients: fast food, seated catering, sports clubs, off the peg, personalised services, retail, real estate, fine groceries, ice cream, bazaars, household goods, home staging, building industry, etc.

Linkea has won awards in the “Trophées du Droit”

In the “Team On The Rise In Distribution Law”

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