Our financial terms

Lawyers have the reputation to be expensive…

Linkea’s ambition is to always invoice the fair value of the work performed for its clients.

Linkea offers its clients pricing taking into account the specificity of the mission agreed upon with the client, either on a fix forfait agreed with the client, or on based on hourly rates defined according to the experience required. 

Linkea’s does not charge non-value added tasks: forget “file opening fees”, “reprography and printing fees” or “archiving fees”. 

Our clients can also subscribe monthly or quarterly subscriptions, allowing them to budget their legal expenses in advance and adjust their needs.

Each invoice is documented with the detail of the services and tasks rendered.

To learn more about our pricing, discover our boxes and offers:

Linkea Box Kit for future franchisors
Linkea Refresh Support for experienced networks
Linkea International International expansion support
Linkea after-sales serviceHotline for your distribution and consumer law issues
Linkea Training / Master-ClassNetwork support
Linkea Real EstateAssistance with location issues
SOS LinkeaHandling crisis situations and disputes encountered by networks
Linkea Communication and marketingTraining for marketing and communication teams
My Franchise in France with LinkeaAssistance to the implementation of your brand and network in France

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