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Help with your public relations

Our franchise and distribution network experts can give you the benefit of their expertise by helping you create your public relations materials.

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Whatever the business sector, effective communication is essential nowadays to get your name known, attract customers and create brand loyalty.

Advertising, mailshots, websites, point of sale advertising, customer loyalty programmes, slogans, etc. communication tools for which the wording and the look are thought out, considered and carefully chosen, whereas the regulatory aspect is often overlooked.

For obvious reasons, legal and compulsory notices, health claims, character sizes, not misleading the consumer etc, the regulations in this field are becoming more and more complex and it is easy to get lost.

This is especially so as the rules are susceptible to vary according to the type of communication materials used.

In light of this, Linkea can offer you help in designing and reviewing all your public relations materials (flyers, prospectuses, advertising, social network posts, brochures, websites, point of sale advertising, leaflets, etc.)

The aim is to make sure that they are all sound from a legal point of view, without shackling your marketing team’s creativity.

Linkea can work alongside your teams to train them so that they automatically have the right reflexes when designing communication materials.

Experience shows that a few hours of training can save countless hours spent redesigning communication materials.

How do we work?

We offer the choice of either:

  • on an occasional basis, case by case, on each question/ material or communication idea that you wish to have us check for you, or;
  • a “communication consultation” subscription, which gives you a certain credit in hours at a special rate, on a monthly or quarterly basis (according to your requirements).
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