Supply contracts

Supply contracts

Our team of legal advisors explain the key points you need to know about supply contracts.

Signing agreements – a guarantee of your protection:

Networks generally purchase from suppliers on an upstream market. 

These supplies are not always formalized through a written contract. However, it is highly advisable to consider signing a framework contract governing all purchases made by the network from its suppliers.


Such a contract would make it possible to record and secure:

  • purchasing volumes
  • inventory management
  • detailed commercial conditions applicable to purchases
  • pricing terms and conditions
  • the consequences of the end of the contract, and in particular the consequences of the remaining stocks.

It is also important to specify the duration of the relationship, and the conditions for termination and renewal. Our team of lawyers and advisors have developed extensive expertise in this field, and are at your disposal for any assistance you may need in drafting and negotiating your supply contracts.


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