All about our GDPR training

All about our GDPR training

Our distribution network experts present the support offered for your compliance with the GDPR.

An « à la carte » support

Willing to support you in the way that best suits your needs, we offer an “à la carte” support, on the basis of a quote prepared in advance.

Our packages are as follows:


“Training and Q&A” package :

We offer to organize a face-to-face or visio training session to detail the requirements of the Regulation, advise you on how to proceed with your compliance process and answer your questions.

This two-hour training course will enable you to start your compliance process peacefully.


“Light” package

Under this package, the controller progresses in its compliance process autonomously.

In addition to the above-mentioned training, we will assist you in reviewing documentation impacting the personal data processing (GTCS, privacy policy, cookie policy, etc.). Thus, based on the elements you will have communicated to us, we will give you our comments and proposed amendments.

We will analyze a contract executed with one of your subcontractors and prepare – if necessary – a “standard” addendum to frame the subcontracting relationship.

We will assist you in keeping the record of processing activities by drawing up a “type” record to show you how the record of processing activities should be kept.



Complete package

by opting for this package, you will receive ongoing assistance throughout your compliance process.

In order, on the one hand, to immerse ourselves in your methods and understand your practices, and, on the other hand, to make your teams aware of the personal data processing, we will organize a series of interviews with the departments processing personal data.

On the basis of the information gleaned, we will list all the contracts executed with those whom GDPR qualifies as data processors or joint controllers before analyzing them.

We will then advise you on the need to negotiate specific agreements with your service providers and suppliers regarding personal data processing.

We will also draft and/or amend all your legal and commercial documentation (GTCS, privacy policy, cookies policy, etc.)

Finally, we will assist you in the preparation of the various records.


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